Naked property in Madrid
Naked property

Sell your apartment and reside in it for life. In this sales format, this allows owners to sell a home, reciev money in retuen and continue t olive in it for life.In addition to increasing your income to live more comfortably, the expenses will be less since you will only pay for supplies (electricity, water, gas ...). This is a sales format with total security legally guaranteed with the maximum guarantees, correctly registered and with a notarized deed.

Rehabilitation buildings in Madrid
Rehabilitation of buildings

Aimed at all property owners. Given the measures and commitments adopted by the Community of Madrid for energy efficiency at the Climate Summit and the 2030 Agenda, and its progressive implementation, it will be mandatory to adapt buildings so that they are respectful to the environment with efficient energy consumption. In the long term, the energy savings resulting from better insulation and the use of energy resources will be greater and will have a positive impact on the owners' pocket. In addition to achieving a strong revaluation of the building, in turn, it provides individual benefits such as increased comfort and health for the user, as well as reduces spending on bills.

Golden Visa
Golden Visa

It is a type of residence visa, established by Law 14/2013, aimed at citizens from outside the European Union who want to enter Spanish territory. The requirement for this visa is to make a real estate investment in Spain of more than € 500,000. We provide a comprehensive service, from the purchase of the property, to the acquisition of the GOLDEN VISA. Price of this service: between 1% and 2% of the operation.

Renovations in Madrid

We make partial or comprehensive reforms on all properties. Our team of renovations and interior design, transforms and makes each space unique and personalizes to each client. We adapt to the client's time and budget.

Financing Madrid

If you need a mortgage to buy a home, we advise and process the loan application that best suits the client's conditions. We advise you on the payment of your installments, and we can reunify those payments (mortgage, car, consumer loans, direct debits ...) in a single installment, obtaining better conditions, even obtaining liquidity. We have access to all banks, thus obtaining the conditions that best suit our client.

real estate advisory Madrid
Other services

Whatever service you need in relation to buying or selling a property in Madrid, or Spain, contact our team and we will be happy to guide you through the best options on the market without any obligation.

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