Private Individuals

We speak the same language. We are flexible and understand that for a sale to be successful, all parties must be satisfied. Therefore, you will decide what our commission will be (with a minimum of 1.5%), and if we do not sell your property, you will be compensated.

On the other hand, we are aware of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are obliged to act responsibly in all those visits that are in person, so that we provide each person with a protective mask, a disposable shoe cover and hand sanitizer. This way we minimize the risk of spreading of the virus.

To guarantee the objective of the sale, we follow the ‘Inversión Madrid’ method, which is having so much success:

Method Investment Madrid

We work exclusively. Why?

Previously, homeowners trusted the sale of their property to various agencies, thinking "the more agencies, the more options", and buyers physically went to the agencies to ask about apartments. It made perfect sense.

NOW, the shop window is only one, INTERNET.

When your apartment is managed by several agencies, they do not put the same effort into it, due to the fear of being sold by another and then having worked for nothing.

If several different agencies have it, each one will tell you different versions and it will be impossible to draw conclusions.

Advantages exclusive Investing Madrid


Similarly, we also provide services to the individual investor who wishes to make their savings profitable and decides to invest in the real estate sector. We will accompany you throughout the purchase process until the signature. Technology will help us improve this whole process, but the human factor is undoubtedly essential.

Visit and valuation in 24h