Our mission

Inversión Madrid (Madrid Investment) is based in Madrid and has geographic coverage both nationally and internationally for the benefit of our clients.

We are a real estate consultancy firm that identifies, analyzes and executes purchase and sale operations. We have a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the real estate sector and in the part of building reforms and renovations. We know the difficulties of the business but also the strengths and opportunities that arise. We have a different way of thinking and acting than our competitors, thus generating great value in each of our actions.

We listen and understand the needs of each client and adapt to their objectives, with closeness and professionalism, betting on long-term relationships.

Our services are aimed at private individuals, as well as investment funds, SOCIMIs, developers, insurance companies and other institutions.

We show initiative, resourcefulness, perserverance and show tolerance to adversity. Furthermore, we look for the best markets and opportunities. We believe in people and invest to create lasting relationships to make a positive impact in our environment.

We are socially responsible and are committed to sustainability and the transformation of buildings towards "green buildings" that respect our environment as well as save energy and reduce polluting emissions.

We believe in the transformative power of small actions, this is why we donate part of our profits to help improve environments where there is famine and poverty, as well as groups who are victims of disease. Visit our section on Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.).




We take care of the relationship with our clients, defend their interests, adapt to their needs and make the most of each operation. Technology helps us, but the human factor is essential.



Before starting any operation, we are methodical throughout the process. We analyze, examine and consider each action before carrying it out. We are prudent in each decision.



We like to help those who improve our society and our environment. We believe that small, good deeds help to create a better and fairer world. In the end, these small gestures have an effect on all of us.

Why to invest in Madrid?

Madrid already figures as the third most attractive European capital for national and international investors.

The reason: prices are still below those of other markets, as well as the low interest rates of the moment and the rehabilitation and development projects that have been initiated in the city of Madrid in recent years. This, together with the expected economic growth in Spain, means that investing in the real estate sector offers a higher return compared to other types of assets.

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Do you need more reasons?

Madrid is a dynamic and cosmopolitan city. Thanks to its position on the map along with its climate and quality of life this ensures a large influx of tourists and people all year round who are looking to live in a city full of life, culture, with great sporting events and a large communication network and infrastructures. Madrid´s growth and political stability makes it the economic engine of Spain.


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