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These phrases well summarize the philosophy of real estate investment. Analysis, strategy and diversification are the keys to investing successfully.

We have a very clear objective which is to generate the maximum added value in each transaction. We accompany our clients throughout the process of buying, selling or renting a property. From the valuation of the property and analysis of the asset, to the negotiation and closing of the operation until its signature.

Our team offers a comprehensive service to companies seeking to diversify and obtain maximum profitability in their asset portfolio. We listen carefully to what your financial and strategic objectives are to guarantee success in each operation.

We analyze the key points of the property such as: the location, the state of conservation, the possible revaluation, the contract, the tenant, legal security, etc. We adapt the investment criteria for each risk profile.

We take care of performing the technical Due Diligence of the property to gain an in-depth knowledge of its condition and thus minimize the risk of the operation. Thanks to our network of contacts, they will be able to exclusively choose real estate assets that are outside the market.

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By the other hand, for owners who want to sell or divest part of their assets, we draw up a sales plans according to their interests and needs. We will highlight the advantages and strengths that the asset has for buyers. With the help of our contacts and partners, we cover a wide network to meet the sales objective. We give each operation the discretion and confidentiality that most homeowners expect.

Our clients are investment funds, REITs, developers, Family Office, insurance companies, private equity, public institutions, etc.

We operate in the following segments of the real estate sector:

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New North District project

In March 2020, the Castellana Norte District project was finally approved, which will be the largest urban project in all of Europe. A sustainable, innovative project that will mix various land uses, with large green areas and a large business center. This will be just 10 minutes from an international airport.

It is undoubtedly a great urban challenge that will place Madrid at the head of the great world capitals as a business center.

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