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Home Sale

Sell your home at the highest possible price

express housing sales

Make the sale of your home in 7 days, without stress.


Bring out the full potential of your home by giving it a facelift


Sell your inherited house the easy way


It is about staging in your home what the perfect home would be like in order to increase its sale or rental price. It is important not to confuse it with decoration or renovations. In fact, it does not require a large investment.

At Inversión Madrid we know how to use emotional marketing techniques to captivate visitors. We are able to increase the price of the property with very low costs to achieve your goal of selling or renting with the highest profitability.

real estate services for individuals
real estate services for individuals, building rehabilitation


Aimed at all homeowners’ communities. In view of the measures and commitments adopted by the Community of Madrid for energy efficiency

In the long term, the energy savings resulting from better insulation and the use of energy resources will be greater and will have a positive impact on homeowners’ pockets. In addition to achieving a strong revaluation of the building, in turn, it provides individual benefits such as increased comfort and
health of the user, as well as the reduction of the cost of the bills.

Other services for individuals

real estate services for individuals golden visa


It is a type of residence visa, established by Law 14/2013, aimed at citizens from outside the European Union who want to enter Spanish territory. It is required to make a real estate investment in Spain of more than €500,000.

We provide a complete service, from the purchase of the property to the acquisition of the GOLDEN VISA. Price of this service: 2.5% of the operation.


services for individuals foreign investment


We accompany the individual investor who wishes to make his savings profitable and decides to invest in the real estate sector in Madrid.

We will accompany you through the entire purchase process up to the signing before a Notary. Technology will help us to improve this whole process, but the human factor is undoubtedly the most important.


services for private individuals bare ownership


Sell your apartment and continue living in it for the rest of your life. In this type of sale, the person who sells the property keeps the right of usufruct for life, that is, he/she keeps enjoying and living in the property for life. In addition to increasing your income to live more comfortably, your expenses will be lower since you will only pay for utilities (electricity, water, gas…).

This is a legally endorsed sales format with maximum guarantees, properly registered and notarized.


services for private individuals replacement housing


We accompany our clients throughout the entire process: starting with the sale of their current home, to replace it with the purchase of a new property that is more in line with their current demands and desires of buyers, with the ultimate goal of improving the current housing conditions.



Why Madrid Investment?

With Conventional Agency

They limit themselves to selling

No Virtual Tour

They neglect sales, they have too many homes

Opacity and lack of transparency

Once sold, they forget about the customer

We increase the value of your home

Virtual Tour and maps

Exclusive dedication

Weekly monitoring report

Full after-sales service


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