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Home Staging: techniques and how to use it to sell your house fast

23, Mar 2022 | General News | 0 comments

Selling a property can be a long and tedious process. The Home Staging arises from wanting to transform the space of the property where the seller’s memories are located, into a new and attractive space where the buyer can imagine living.

All the stimuli that the seller receives in the first moments when visiting a property are crucial to determine if he will buy the house, and the Home Staging makes sure that those stimuli are the necessary to make the buyer imagine living in it and close the sale.

What is Home Staging and what is it for?

Home Staging arises in the United States with the main objective of getting the person who visits the property for sale or rent to want to keep it. However, to achieve this reaction in the buyer, it is first necessary to use a set of techniques that help to present the property as a neutral and depersonalized space, so that The seller will have less trouble imagining himself living there.

As we said, it is really a matter of carrying out an express renovation, redecorating the room and using marketing actions oriented to housing or psychology. Home Staging seeks to prepare the home in such a way that it attracts the attention of the buyer and gets the sale or rental in a faster way.

Home Staging techniques used to sell a house

To facilitate the sale of a house, it is advisable to carry out certain actions and reforms to provide the property with a correct presence for its sale. Some of the main techniques of Home Staging are:

  • Fix the bathroom and kitchen. The bathroom and kitchen are the seller’s calling card. The way these rooms are located will generate distrust and a bad image for the buyer or the opposite. If the bathroom and kitchen are in good condition, they give the feeling that the house does not need much renovation, which added to the fact that both spaces are the most expensive to renovate, offers the buyer a house with less upfront costs when moving in.
  • It arranges the rooms and the living room. The less customization these spaces present, the better the buyer’s reaction will be to find rooms to create and decorate to their liking and not be pigeonholed with a pre-established decoration.
  • It shows the house without furniture. Showing the rooms without furniture helps the client to imagine thousands of possibilities inside the house, avoiding the limits of seeing the space with furniture. In addition, it is frequent that the buyers of the property already have their own furniture or are thinking of buying new furniture, and having the space empty will be an advantage.
  • Paint the walls. Painting the walls in white, or similar tones such as beige or light gray, helps to achieve the sensation of more space and makes better use of the light. Another tip is to present the walls smooth and without flaws.
  • Change the floor. If the floor is damaged and in poor condition, it is highly recommended to make improvements to it, as it is an element that is found throughout the house. The use of vinyl flooring is an economical and effective remedy to change the appearance of the floor.
  • Clean the house. The presence of the house must be spotless, that is why it is very important to carry out an integral cleaning of the house so that it maintains a good image.
  • Use lots of lighting. Showing the living spaces with good lighting will give them the feeling of being cozy. It is crucial to try to carry out the visits with sunlight, or with all the lighting in the house in perfect condition.
  • Take professional photographs. Photographs should be as professional as possible. Taking into account the perspective, the light and the strong points of the house will offer us an ideal vision to offer in sales portals or directly to the buyer.

How to use home staging to sell a house quickly?

By using the techniques covered by Home Staging, we prepare a property for sale or rent in the most attractive way, and thus facilitate the selling process. The use of home staging offers direct benefits when it comes to selling the property. These benefits are:

  • A wider market for the sale of the property.
  • A sale at the best priceThe best price, since it makes the most of the property.
  • Eliminate setbacks to the seller about home repairs.
  • A much faster and more effective faster and more effective.
  • Improved housing conservation.

Home Staging effectiveness data

The effectiveness of home staging was tested in studies conducted in 2011 in France. This is assured by the
Home Staging Association of Spain
which is based on the results obtained to certify that the use of Home Staging accelerates the process of buying a property up to 4 times faster than the average time.

In addition, through the use of Home Staging, we have achieved truly satisfactory results in the sale of homes, as 90% of properties are sold in less than 60 days, 60% in less than 30 days, and 25% in less than 10 days.

The application of home staging will not only affect the speed of the sale, but will also help to sell the property for its maximum price. will help to sell the property for its maximum price. If the house is in good condition, there is less chance of negotiating the price, increasing its value.

Home Staging is becoming a very valuable added value when it comes to selling properties, as it brings great benefits for both the buyer and the seller, that is why, at
Investment Madrid
we recommend it and include it in the sales process. Helping a house to show its full potential offers endless possibilities, and little by little we observe how it is a trend increasingly present in the real estate world.

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