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Real estate market trends in 2022

25, May 2022 | General News | 0 comments

Over the years, the real estate sector has become a very important pillar of the economy. The real estate market trends The real estate market trends over the last year provide us with very positive data for this sector, which has been able to overcome the situation created by the current pandemic.

In this article we will see how the year has been closing for the real estate marketThe pandemic has caused the price of the product to rise, which was not affected, or the savings created by the confinement of 2020, and added to inflation has reduced the gap between sellers and buyers.

This year, the real estate market is emerging as a safe haven asset. safe-haven asseta way to a way to invest in a “safe” wayThe trends that change in this sector will be of great importance for the economy. For this reason, we will explain below which are the most important real estate market trends that will define 2022.

Top 6 real estate market trends for 2022

Market trends have been defined by the current current situation of the population. The outbreak of the pandemic created changes in the buyer habitsand their behavior towards the real estate sector has undergone changes. changes. Being aware of these changes allows us to know how to adapt all services to the new market needs. Among these trends we can highlight the following:

1. More virtual tours of the houses

Throughout 2021, the real estate sector, along with many other industries, has undergone a digitalization accelerated due to the pandemic. The use of photography of great quality, videos of the houses in large format, or virtual tours are more frequent in the real estate sector in order to speed up the process of buying a home without having to travel to its location.

In addition, virtual tours not only showcase a property, but can also be used as a digital medium to show the possibilities of a property. possibilities that this space offers through through virtual design.

Real estate agents are increasingly deploying the resources offered by technology to drive sales technology to drive sales and reach more and reach more people in a more effective way.

2. More “smart” homes

In recent years, the importance of preserving the environment has been environment has been a widespread concern among the population. The use of technology has been oriented for creating smart homesthrough devices or “gadgets” that help to create a technological create a technological ecosystem within the home and to be able to automate certain tasks such as the regulation of lighting or temperature.

The use of these devices allows for greater control of control of the resources of the homeand offers the possibility of optimizing these resources to avoid unnecessary expenses. avoid unnecessary expenses.

3. Loudoor spaces are a priority

The outdoor spaces in homes have become a major claim due to the pandemic. Many people are looking for a safe space in which to enjoy the outdoors and having a balcony or terrace has become a small oasis for the owner. The high demand of homes with these characteristics has accelerated the process of selling them.

The future of the real estate market is subject to the changes that will emerge in the coming years, these trends are the ones that will mark the coming times and to which all agents working in the real estate sector will have to adapt. If you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our web pageWe will be happy to answer all your questions.

4. Efficient and flexible offices

The pandemic has forced companies to redesign their office space. With the advent of teleworking, companies no longer need to work in person, but rather to offices have been transformed to be a place of exchange, collaboration and creativity..

The common spaces will be a place to exchange ideas and information, and technology will help employees choose to attend in person whenever they wish, where environments will be collaborative between different areas of the company.

The offices of the future will be healthier for the worker. Filters and air renewal, non-contact doors, reduced building carbon footprint and other functional elements will make workers feel more comfortable in their workspace.

5. Data center investment

The data center sector is positioned as one of the real estate segments where investors are focusing their attention. And specifically Madrid will be the main recipient of these investments due to its evolution in contracted power compared to other European cities.

These types of assets benefit from the digital ecosystem and the digitalization that all sectors are undergoing, accelerated by the pandemic.

Another fundamental point that makes data centers an attractive asset is that they are projects with long-term contracts due to the heavy investment in infrastructure required to develop the activity.

6. Mortgages become more expensive

The ECB raising interest rates basically means that money is going to be more expensive. money is going to be more expensive.

In order to be able to lend money to companies and households, banks in turn borrow money from the ECB, which charges them an interest rate for the loan. This means that for the end consumer, when it comes to taking out a mortgage to buy a home, the financing conditions will be more expensive than months ago, when the scenario was more favorable.

In addition, the Euribor, after years in negative territory, has now entered positive territory and variable mortgages will become more expensive as the months go by. Analysts expect further rate hikes by the end of 2022.

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